Participant Bios

WARNING! Most of the people on this list are not active. It was compiled from a few threads in which people were asked to state their interest and experience.


Stiev Stigma - Art Director. In charge of how the game looks and approves art changes. Stiev is the person that will craft the overall vision for art direction and ensure that our art team produces consistent work that adheres to that vision.

Jean-Eric (chatham7) - Art Team Lead. Works with engineers for tool development and gets people to do real work. Jean-Eric will act as a go-between for the art and engineering teams. He will try to keep art expectations realistic and ensure that important items aren't lost in translation, which can often happen when crossing the art-engineer barrier.

JT (faet) - Design Director. In charge of how the game feels and game mechanics. faet is the person that will craft the overall vision for design direction and ensure that our design team doesn't stray too far from that path.

Trenton (Trentish) - Design Team Lead. Trentish will help faet keep up with the many design ideas we expect our creative community to come up with. He will also work closely with the engineering team to ensure that design needs are met with proper tools and help to translate design needs to engineering terms and vice versa.

jozzas - Documentation Shepherd. jozzas has the role of ensuring that our documentation is up-to-date, concise and relevant. He will maintain our document repository provide guidance to people wishing to assist.

Jordan (capsid) - Producer and Chief Instigator. Excites people, prods stagnant conversation, checks in on outstanding issues. Jordan is one of our driving forces. He will try to keep a finger on the overall pulse of the project and check in on issues that seem to have fallen through the cracks. He'll bring to the community's attention ideas that may have been passed over and provide a voice for the people that don't seem to be able to get anyone to notice them.

Caleb (RobotCaleb) - BDFL. I started this and have a lot of interest in seeing something come out the other side. I am here to provide whatever support is needed to any of you and to the core team.



Position: BDFL/Code
Education: None
- 6 years designing and coding simulation and training software for
the military
- C++
- C#
- 1 year professional game dev.
- C++
I won't be able to spend a ton of time writing code, but will
definitely be willing to help out when I can.

Chris Reyes

Still here, reading along..

I'm a programmer and was waiting on some direction from a lead, but it looks like that's not going to happen. I'll be taking a look at what kitchens put up after work today.


I know most of the participants in this project are programmers, but in my opinion, writing any code at this stage would be futile.
What is most important initially is concept art, screen designs, storyline, and other ideas.

Alex Umrysh

Team: Code (can also do a little bit of art).
I've made a few games in XNA, and I am taking CS courses for my major
in college. I'm not the best coder around, because I'm still
learning, but I have been doing quite well in my CS classes. Anyways,
I'd like to help out if possible.
I also have some experience doing art and web design, but nothing
really special there.
I'm pretty good with math and I've taken calculus and physics.
I can do Java, C#, and a bit of C++ and I'm willing to learn pretty
much any language.


Hey, I'm a little late hearing about his project but I'd love to help
if you're not already full.
Position: Coder
Experience: I've been coding for about 5 or 6 years now, 3
professionally, and shipped 3 console games. I am most familiar with C++ and actionscript. Though I have some experience in C#, unrealscript, and the directX sdk.
This project sounds like a great way to get the creative juices
flowing again. I also have lots of free time that I can help with


Team: Programming, Gameplay, QA

  • 3 years industry experience with C++ .NET
  • First year Computer Science student.
  • 3 years working on a Validation team at a prominent semiconductor


  • Game development is one of the leading causes for my interest in

programming (which has expanded greatly) some 10 years ago.

  • I'm very interested in working on a community project that I can

contribute to in my spare time without feeling too stressed, yet can
express some creativity.

  • I like the winning story quite a lot.

What I can contribute:

  • I've done a ton of debugging @ work, and I'm pretty familiar with

general QA. I'd prefer to do any kind of smallish coding tasks though.

Bionic Apple

Posted this in the Reddit thread, but not here, so:
Reddit Name: Bionic_Apple
Team: Story, Coder, Gameplay
Language: C+\+, Python, (Unimportant: Bash, PHP, SQL, Web)
Experience: Not much, trying to make a game of my own at the moment.
The game is using SFML and Box2D on Linux, so if there are inquiries
about those elements I can pitch in.
Really, I am simply just interested in the project. You guys probably
don't want me to be one of the lead coders, but that is fine. I will
be happy to help in the Story and Gameplay sides.


Reddit Name: iamkitchen
Team: Coder
Age: 18
Experience: 3 years of C++ experience
The reason I would like to contribute to this project is that it seems
like it will be fun, and I'm always up for learning new things from
people more experienced than myself.


Name: Tim
Team: Programming
Username: Scalawag
Education: 3 years into a Comp Sci degree. Self-taught for the past 10
Experience: I've worked with php/mySQL, Flash, Java, and some C++.
There's a smattering in there of other languages that I've touched on
but I'm not exactly strong in those.
I'm also unusually good at math (I've learned up to Vector Analysis,
including Linear Algebra, Linear Analysis, and Numerical Methods).
I've built various things, mostly in Java lately. In my most recent,
but perhaps not most challenging project, I wrote various scripts to
operate Farmville.
Why: Why not? Sounds like a great idea. is a large group of
technically minded people. I offer to help because I think we can do


Position: Minor Coder
Education: Self
Haiku entry:
A humble senior,
I hunger for open source,
Reddit is awesome.
Srsly though, High School senior, wanna help build a kick ass game.
Experience in C/++, have a shitton of free time on my hands after
college apps go out (read: soon).

Yeah, sorry about that, group != message board… *trusts reddit not
to judge me too harshly*
Username: Dwaylu
And I have infinite time to sink into this in about a week or two, I
can self teach myself just about anything, and I'm willing to dedicate
100% of my waking hours to it since I'll basically be 6 months
consequence free.
Why? Because building cool shit has always been high on my priority
list, and an open source reddit game? How can you get any cooler?


Username: reverendchubbs
Position(s): Programmer, Music
Education: Completed most of my BS in CS before I ran out of money. I
have been studying music for a little over 10 years, with 5 of those
in Musicianship classes in High School and University (including AP
Experience: Completed a C# .NET implementation of Monopoly, in 3D
using DirectX, with a team of 4, in a 3 month period. I was in charge
of testing, and the rules (basically the entire middle layer).
Made a small game engine in C++ over a 3 month period, with one other
team member, where I was in charge of integrating physics and sound,
as well as a message system in the engine, and various other aspects.
Languages (that I'm most comfortable with, in order of competency):
C#, C++, Java
I have used: Visual Studio 2005, and VS 2008 Express Editions,
Eclipse, LuaEdit, and Notepad.
Why: I have a small team working on games for mobile devices at the
moment, but we are not getting very far due to work issues. I want to
code, and I would like something meaningful to contribute to.


Name: Mike
Position: Coder
Education: BS in Computer Science ('11)
Experience: Started to learn OpenGL and some physics engine. I have
used Ogre3D and bullet for fun.
Why: Because reddit is awesome and I want to make something awesome
for reddit. And I suppose it'll be good learning experience.


Position: Code, Music
I have a BS in CompSci, Did a few papers in uni on game design and did
some free lance work for a few game companies.
I've made a few popular free 3D games in C++. Made a 3d game in uni in
XNA, and created many flash games. Some of which have been played
millions of times. I'd like to contribute because I love the Reddit
community, and feel they have the passion and intelligence to complete
a good piece of work.
I'd be happy with either a position on the coding or music group.


Team: Coding
Experience: 5 Years in Java by profession, 5 years in C++ by
university and hobby
Motivation: I've wanted to get off the ground with some game
development as it is my passion, and I've dabble some so far (see
Past Experience: I have done some trivial games so far (tic-tac-toe
and connect four with AI, networked tic-tac-toe, tetris, solitaire
with a gui and drag-and-drop), but eager to help on something larger.
Reddit username: dlightle


Team: Code
Experience: a BS in CS and a bit over a year of professional
experience. Work includes writing C++/C close to the hardware (high
efficiency, somewhat time critical and size constricted code). Working
on a team of ~12 (part of a larger team of upwards of 40). Hobby game
programming experience in python/pygame, c++/sfml and some web
programming stuff.
Motivation: Could be extremely interesting.
Past experience: implementing some basic AI algos in XNA and c#, some
glsl shader work.
reddit username: sherlok


Reddit name: bulletloaf.
Position: Coder.
I'm a web developer by trade, and I enjoy hacking away at simple games
and things when I can. I have a very strong grasp on programming
methodologies, object oriented, problem solving, etc… I'm not an
expert when it comes to games, but I REALLY wanna learn as much as
possible and I can see myself getting to the point where I'm
contributing a lot to the project.
Put me on the easy / boring stuff at first, and with a little work
I'll get to where I'm really helping. I'm willing to work up to the
big stuff. I'm a very good programmer, I just need some boning up on C++ and Python.
Java: Intermediate / advanced
C#: Intermediate
C++: Beginner
PHP: Expert
Javascript, HTML, CSS, MySQL anything web-related: Advanced

Raymond Martineau

Team: Code
Reddit: Sigma7
Education: Computer Science Diploma

  • C and C++ were primary languages.
  • I have written a specialized image editor, designed for making

large 2D maps of games:

  • I've participated in the Experimental Gameplay Project, and wrote

a simple game in 7 days, and learning PyGame in the process.
should fix it, though.)


Position: Coder
Currently a Junior in Computer Science
Languages: C++, C#, ActionScript 3.0, Python, TI-BASIC, and more
Experience: Made several small games on my own and worked on a few in
teams for school and outside of school. Currently working as a
software developer as a Co-op through my school mostly web stuff (not
game development) but a few of my co-workers and I get together for
random gamedev fun every Monday.
Why: I'd like to be a part of a large project to contribute what I can
and also gain more experience in game development since it's what got
me into programming in the first place and it's what I enjoy most in
the field.

Mike Barker

Team: CodingReddit Username: mbarker
Experience: BS in Computer Science, Experience in C/C++/C#/PHP/Java/Perl
Motivation: It sounds like it would be fun


Position: Coder
Education: BS Computer Science (June 09)
- College degree with heavy focus on programming languages and coding.
- Languages known: C/C++/C#(& XNA)
- Most personal projects have all been game related.
- Focus on graphics and UI
- Experience will low level graphics and math surrounding it.
- Experience in game design and creation.
- I enjoy making game and Reddit, what's better then the two together?


Team: Code
Experience: 10 years in IT, 5 using C++
Motivation: Sounds like fun :)
Past experience: real-time systems, nw programming, refactoring and
optimization experience
reddit username: utnapistim


Team: Code
Education: Most of a BS Computer Science & Math ('08)
- C++ since mid-late '90s, D3D, OpenGL. I hate it with a passion
- C similar, although it rocks. Embedded systems experience
- C# since '05. Many full-scale desktop apps written in C#,
including 3D games.
- Hardcore JS (not for the web, you noobs :) )
- Dabbling in OCaml & Haskell.
- Self taught linear & abstract algebra, vector calculus.
- I like writing games.
What I can contribute:
- I've done it before.


Position: Coder (Music)
Education: M.Sc. Computer Science (May '09)
- Started programming during high-school, have kept at it for the past
- Used C++ and Java in real-world commercial projects
- Been T.A. for C++ for a year during Uni
- Native German speaker
- Basic composition skills
Possible Contributions:
- Coding, obviously
- Localization, if necessary
- Music, ditto
I have some free time on my hands in the phase between graduating and
moving on to the next phase of my life and been looking for a project
to do; helping to create a small game would be awesome! I am strongly
interested in the music side of coding, but am also quite willing to
work on other stuff if the need arises.
I would love to contribute and hope that this project will succeed in
becoming a reality!


Position: Programmer
- Published game XNcAve on Xbox Indie store
- Programming games since 2005 as a hobby in various languages (C++,
C#, PASCAL (whoo borland BGI graphics), DarkBASIC (not very advanced
but I learned a lot about game design when I used it))
- HLSL (GLSL I guess since we're using OGL, works the same apparently)
- I've released a few games on some forums, it's hard to find them
all, tons of unfinished work. Never really did too much with OpenGL
but I get how it works (taking computer graphics course atm which uses
- I probably don't have enough time to contribute too fully to this
project. I'll more than likely end up working as a maintenance coder
when I have some free time.


Username: s73v3r
Position: Coder
Education: BS Computer Engineering (May 08)
Languages known: C/C++, C#, Python
Why: I think it'll be fun, and I don't really do much coding in my
current job :(


Reddit/IRC name: Svenstaro
Team: Code/Art
Education: No formal programming education
Languages: C++, Python, Lua, PHP, Pascal, all kinds of web stuff
- Worked as co-lead on a modding team for Battlefield 2142 for two
years (now at
- Lots of personal projects
- Know my way around in a couple of graphics applications (Photoshop,
GIMP, Inkscape, Blender, 3ds max)
- For last two years, I worked on a 3D puzzle game (
- Lead a small Python team at school
- Lots of Linux sysadmin and packaging stuff
- Made a Linux live distro for games (
- I love Redditors!
- I love programming and technical talk!
- I love learning!
What I can contribute:
- Inappropriate remarks and defeating comments
- Art: sounds, crappy music, graphics, animations, textures, models
- Code, well, code.
- Love

Miles Edgeworth

Reddit/IRC name: Edgeworth
Team: Code
Education: Lower school highschool (Still in, not drop out, incase
anyone is wondering) — Self taught
Languages: C++, C, Python, and some Lua
- I've been programming for about 2 years.
- I've done quite a few personal projects on a variety of topics, and
that includes a few games.
- I've experience with SDL, OpenGL, Box2D
- Sounds like fun.
- Meet other programmers
- It's likely I will learn something
What I can contribute:
- I'm not particularly specialised as to one area, I feel I could help
with most areas of development (except AI or very mathematics heavy
areas of development).


Position: Coder
Education: BS Computer Science (3rd year)
- Experimented with various graphics API's, including SDL and OpenGL
- About 5 years experience working with c++
- Enjoy working with physics and math stuff
- Some experience working with Python
- To get experience working with a distributed team
- To be involved in a fun FOSS project


Position: Coder
Education: BS Computer Science (may 09)
- Used XNA for ~8months made a few simple games, networked pong,
space invaders, and such
- Been learning openGL for about a month now.
- Ive been programming in C++ since before freshman year, so I like
to think I am decent at programming.
- Loved linear algebra and a fair amount of it is still fresh in my
- decent at physics, one of my favorite subjects.
- I think it will be a good learning experience for me.
- If anything gets made it would be awesome on a resume.
- I want to contribute to a game made by an awesome community I enjoy

Josh Vasquez

Username: LTX
Name: Josh
Team: Code
Knowledge: novice experience in C, Java, Python. Basic knowledge of C+
+. Fluent in HTML, CSS. Strong grasp of all common programming
I have not done any large programming projects but I am currently
teaching myself Python to make a game using Pygame. I can create
various command-line applications in any of these languages without
Programming fascinates me and I find it incredibly useful. If you
can't complete a task with what you have, then you can simply make a
program for that. I have always wanted to work on a large project like
this, and this is a good opportunity. I would love to contribute! :)



  • Worked as a contractor on several commercial C++ projects, around 3

years experience in C++ all up.

  • Worked on several hobby games, not really on the graphics side but

have plenty of experience in the other aspects of game production.

  • It's a good experience. I'm not totally confident that it'll all

work but I want to help prove to myself that it can.

  • I'd like to become more active in the open-source community and this

is a stepping stone as such. I can get used to the team dynamic and
working with lots of developers (I've previously only worked in small
teams of 2-3 developers).

  • Reddit is awesome and we need to show the rest of the world just how

awesome we are.
What I can contribute:

  • Due to a lot of my work being in embedded software, I have a good

knowledge of low level, nitty-gritty stuff. In fact I prefer it to GUI
design, wiring etc.

  • I am not adverse to fixing bugs and documenting code.


Team: Code
Education: Currently pursuing a degree in Software Engineering
Experience: I've been programming in one form or another for the last
6 years or so. I started with C++, and more recently I've been working
with Java, Python, and C#. I have no experience with game programming
aside from a few short projects using XNA, but it has always been an
interest of mine.
Why: I love programming, and games of all forms are one of my top
interests. I've always wanted to develop games, but haven't really had
a starting point available to me, aside from programming the whole
thing on my own.

jozzas (John Lyon)

Team: Code
Education: Degree in Software Engineering
Experience: 5 years in industry, coding in C, python, SQL mainly. Don't
have a great deal of game programming experience - just a couple of
personal projects. I'm looking to move to a career in games programming
and I figure this could be a fun way to get started and complete something.
I'm also good at testing, QA and optimization, some of which may come in


Team: Code
Education: 6 months C course at Uni. A year more of selftaught C++.
Experience: Nothing this big.
Motivation: This is the ideal place to learn about the creation of OO software, the rationale behind design choices, … Oh and of course: who didn't start to program because they wanted to make a game ?


Reddit username: pixelatedindex
Name: Amol
Team: Code (Engine or Game, doesn't matter. Preferably engine). Wouldn't mind contributing to Story too.
Edcation and Experience: Computer Engineering student, junior year, one semester of C++ so far (apart from self study).
Motivation: Want to be good at what I do, want to contribute to open source projects, get/learn something out of this whole experience, gain experience which will be valuable when working in the field.


Name: Kevin
Team: Code
Education and Experience: A few programming courses
Motivation: experience, knowledge, skills, fun.


Reddit/IRC name: charlieb
Team: Code
Languages: C, Python, lisp
- Professional C developer for 6 years (mostly library and back-end type stuff)
- Lots of fun little programs that I find interesting.
- I want to be part of a team that could make something great
- I want to learn more C++
- I love programming
What I can contribute:
- Code, pragmatism



Languages: C/C++,C#,Java,Python

Background:I have a degree in computer science and created some database related projects in C++ and C#

Motivation: Love to learn new things and programming. So, I am here as a result of combination of both.

I can contribute in: Code , Story (if needed) ,Testing



Position: Art

I focus primarily on Technical Art, i.e. Pipelines, Shaders, etc. But
I also do a lot of Environment Art. Here's my linkedin profile for
those interested in my credentials:

I wish I could post some of my artwork, but the game I was working on
for the past 2 years was canceled and posting artwork would breach my
NDA. The game I'm working on now has not been announced so I can't
post anything from that either :-(

I wouldn't be against sending a project lead some of renders if

I've looked at a lot of the 3D Art posted on reddit and most of it
needs a lot of work. I see that the Art Lead position is still
available and while I can't dedicated a lot of my time to this
project, I'd love to help critique and give direction to help these
guys get better and make some cool stuff. I can also throw together
some Environment style scenes to give people an idea of the art target
we should be looking to hit.

Stiev Stigma

Position(s): Art, Music
Education: nearing graduation, BS in Game Art
- been drawing much of my life
- mostly used Max and Photoshop for past 3 years
- also use maya,illustrator, zbrush, after effects, flash, poser, and
- I am interested in concept, environments, animation, and
- been playing music most of my life
- play 6 instruments
- have been writing, recording, and performing for 16 years
- I'm currently the lead composer on the web series "There Will Be
Additional Info:
I'm a dedicated and hardworking individual who works best under
pressure. I've been into playing and creating games since Atari 2600
and started plotting out my own games on paper when I was still in
grade school. Upon moving to Los Angeles, I immediately got into the
industry working QA for about 3 years. I decided I'd much rather be on
the development side rather than publishing so I enrolled in a program
and now as I finish out my last few terms I'm increasingly eager to
dive in and make some games.
I posted links to my work on the art team Reddit thread:

Daniel Allen

Position: Art
Education: 96 credits in a combination of a BA in Commercial Art and
Graphic Design.
Experience: 5 years of freelance art/web design and 4 years of
corporate web design and front end development. I am also VERY
experienced in search engine marketing: SEO, PPC, Analytics.
Historically I have worked very well as a liaison between the creative
and development departments. I am fluent in all of Creative Suite 4
(Dreamweaver, Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Fireworks,
Flash) and write the cleanest most browser compliant html/css you've
ever seen (though I couldn't boast so much at the time I created my
portfolio a year ago- Here is a
recent example of my front end code:
I am currently an interactive designer with a marketing company out of
Chicago called Fusion92 and have worked on projects for Sara Lee,
Georgia Tech, Sears and a number of other national brands.
I would expect that my contribution to a game would be the
aftermarket: Building a site for it, establishing the necessary social
network attachments, setting up analytics, building a 'brand' for the
game, and enforcing the brand throughout the game via brand
guidelines. Additionally, I am strong in Q/A and documentation. My
strengths in design would also help in asset creation (as I use a
wacom tablet and consider myself a dyed in the wool artist). I look
forward to contributing in any way that I can!

Chris Bruin

Reddit name: General_Lee
Team: Art and Assets
Position: Art Design/Direction, Concept Art, 3D asset modeling,
texturing, lighting
Education: College dedicated to game art and design
Experience: Built assets for games, my own personal projects, worked
on two Nintendofan projects, Star Fox Shadows of Lylat, and Zelda
Links Awakening 3D remake (Both are on the go currently). Concept art
has been done for personal use only.
Programs used: Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush
Other things: Level design, which is what makes a good level great, or
a shitty one great. Branch-mission design, sub elements of games that
give games depth and character (Something a lot of games lack). Story
and backstory, what makes a good story remembered after you have
stopped playing. Presentation, art and actual presentation, logos and
the like.
Why: For fun, and for an ever expanding demo reel of projects that I
work on.
Also, I reviewed games professionally, so if this game sucks, I'm
going to tell you it does.


Redditname: zombienietzsche
Team: Art
Position: 3D modeler, no animation or texture experience
Experience: Made some fan art models for Tremulous. Well received by
the community.


Team: ArtEducation: None
Experience: Over ten year of personal artistic development. Self taught
Reddit Username: jdc123
See this comment<>for
examples of my work.


Name: Luiz Kruel
Position: Art/Tech Art
- 6 shipped games
- Fluent in Python and Mel scripting (Maya)
- Familiar with all art disciplines
- Focus on art pipeline for a living
What can I contribute:
While I probably won't have as much free time as the rest of the
I can provide guidance and suggestion having done this once or twice,
I really want to help out in however I can
Help bridge the Art/Programming/Design gaps as much as I can
Want to help out people starting out, and share what I know


See main bio in story


See main bio in 'code'


Reddit Name: Securitron, IRC Name: Polygans
Education: BA in Video Game Art & Design
Experience: Been in the game industry since 2007
I've wanted to work on a project just like this for a while. I'm
hoping once we're done with this we'll keep up the momentum and make
additional projects. It's possible that we will separate the men from
the boys with this and the hard workers will want to form their own
development group or game studio!
I'd like to be in the art and or animation group(s).


Name: Ron Lugo
Reddit username: volt_ron
Education: Completing BA in Information Systems Management in 4/2010
Experience: None related to games (besides playing them)
Status: Active

I would like to contribute character art mostly, animation, and help in overall game flow/story design. I could serve in a producer-type role. I also have limited code knowledge, but that area seems covered by other people.



Position: Story
Education: Trained by flying monkies
Experience: Somewhat
Started playing with game systems and stories since around 1984 with
things like Chainmail, Car Wars and Traveller. Have run probably a
dozen pen and paper campaigns, mostly my world and storyline and
mythos, etc. They range from your normal fantasy settings (usually
with a twist) through to cyberpunk steampunk, sci-fi, and my
favourite, horror. Shifted to game/story design with NWN, and have
been a DM in that space for some time.
Been a part of various open source groups, but not in some time. Used
to be one of the main coders behind
If I can help, I'm in :)


Position: story/design

Some college, C++, mostly web recently.
QA/SQL work for a background check company.

Reddit is a good community and this would be a good and interesting
Seeing the ins/out and difficulties of developing a game is something
that is interesting to me.

What I can contribute:
*Ideas, currently I can't devote too much time to learn SFML.
*My writing isn't the best but I can provide ideas/brainstorm with


Name: Tony Smith
Team: Story
Experience: Uh…None, really. I just like to write, mostly for me.
When I saw you guys needed some help on story, I figured, hey, it
can't hurt. I got plenty of ideas to go around, so here I am.


Team: Story
Why: Would like to be part of this project as a starter in game design
and group design (what an awesome ride it's been already). As
fascinating as things have been already, I'm even more interested in
contributing to this project than I am in watching it evolve.
Why Me: I really lack any relevant experience in game design, but
I've got boatloads of professional experience in art production and
film, and being a member and managing creative teams through all sorts
of different kinds of projects. My guess is that I can probably help
out the most in contributions to story, as I have a fair amount of
experience in developing scripts collaboratively. I'm totally down for
the dirty little bits or wherever I can aid the most. I'm even totally
down for writing object descriptions.
Aside from relevant experience in screenwriting, I also have around 10
years of writing, recording and performing music and would be happy to
contribute to SFX/Music should the need for more assistance there


Team: Art/Story (By the way you are missing a pretty important team:
Name: Nathaniel
Reddit Username: Natas_Enasni
Education: Bachelor's degree in Game Art and Design
Experience: Only job experience is in testing; however I have many
ideas about gameplay features and plot (I wanted to be a designer more
than an artist). I can use 3d programs and of course photoshop. I am
an acceptable 2d artist (although not as good as some of my peers at
the Art Institute). Also I'm a good writer (or at least I fancy
myself one).
I'm willing to do anything related to the art/story/design of this
game. I already have a design doc semi-complete about a side
scrolling shooter strategy game that takes equal parts Soldat, cover
mechanics, and strategy/puzzle (in the vein of lemmings with guns),
although to be honest I'm a little concerned about my ideas getting
jacked. I also have ideas for an isometric action rpg set in a zombie
apocalypse, if you are more interested in that.


Alex Johnson

I'm a sound guy, and my most likely contribution would be VO. Even if it's just grunt SFX, I work in a professional booth in LA, and know some guys who will act for free. I don't expect to be needed for a while so I'm just eavesdropping.


Stiev Sigma

See main bio in 'art'


See main bio in 'code'


See main bio in 'code'


I am able to contribute rough tracks and scores, although I have no
professional background or high end music software I am well able to
throw in some music for other folks to improvise on with better
equipment. I am able to be highly active since I have no social life
and my only friends are cigarettes and a keyboard named WK-200.


Team: Music / SFX
Reddit Username: Octatone
Experience: Musician, composer, music in film, games, etc.
Specialties: electronic music, orchestral music, electroacustic music
(soundscapes, FX, circuitbending, etc.), pop and rock
Web: ,!


See main bio in 'code'


Position: Music (Although I would like to be the music supervisor, if
that is still possible)
Education: Music Production Major
Experience: - 6 Years Music Theory
- 3 Years Jazz Training
- Songs featured in a surfing documentary called "21 Days Later", as
well as a promo video for the same film.
I can compose in any genre that needs to be done. I am very flexible
and very dedicated. :)
Here's my MySpace, feel free to contact me on there:
and here's the promo video in which my music was used:
Very adaptable and can capture ANY mood conceivable.


Position: Audio
I am an owner of a recording studio in St. Louis. The team of guys I
work with thought this was a neat idea, so we thought we'd chime in.
We've been running at this studio for about 4 years now, and have done
a lot work in music and post production. We'd love to contribute to
the music and sfx of this game, and personally I'd love to be a guy to
pull all the mixes together. I've got a lot of work under my belt
after the last few years and think that I'd be able to help a lot with
the process.
Anyways, just wanna help out however we can!

Sela Davis

Position: Audio
Education: B.S. Information Technology, currently pursuing M.S. Game
Design and Development. Yes, this means I can code, but my heart and
soul are in sound.
Experience: I've focused in digital audio work for a long time, and
it's how I ended up in games to begin with. I'm just starting to
attempt to push my way into the actual game development industry, and
I've worked quite a bit in music and sound for games. Keep in mind
that writing for an interactive medium is VERY different than writing
for a static medium, especially regarding background tracks. You don't
know when things will play, how long somebody is going to sit in that
damn forest and hear that silly music over and over again, if the
ambient sounds will play nicely with the music and the jump effects
all at once, etc. I've dealt with all that. It's…interesting. I have
experience with Foley sessions and I tend to write most of my music
digitally in Logic. I'm itching to try out some new tips I picked up
regarding sample-based tracks at GDC Austin's Game Audio Summit. I
have a tendency to write tracks with electric guitars (which I
actually record) and heavy synths, though my recent work has required
me to use woodwinds and strings and I have experience with a bunch of
different genres. Whew!
Why: I love games. I love music. And it's difficult to break into the
audio segment of the game industry. I'd love some portfolio work as
well as the opportunity to work in a larger team (typically I work in
teams of 5, developing codebases from scratch and working from there.)
I've scored an entire short game and developed all of the sound
effects, learned from my many mistakes, and I'm ready to put forward
something that I can be really proud of. I also would like to give
back to the open source community — I'm a Linux nerd forced to live
in Windows for DirectX programming and OSX for Logic — and to be
honest I think there's a lot of improvements that can be made to the
Linux game community.
Note: I also have a background in writing — and wrote for a gaming
site for a bit of time — so if necessary I can do a bit of work in
there. I'd like to stay away from coding if possible; I get enough of
that in my day-to-day life and I'd like to stay just on the content
end to see how it feels. On the other hand, I've worked with enough
game engine development that I can willingly offer my experience as
somebody who can talk about industry practices and what to do / what
not to do.


Team: Music
- Sound design at various artistic installations.
- Music for a few short experimental films
- A lot of music as a personal project for 10 years
I want to be part of this potentially awesome experience. I can
contribute with music and sound FX (I am particularly interested in
the creation of an ambiance through music and sounds).

Jim Mattingly

Team: Music / Sound
Reddit username: Xenotolerance
— B.M. in music tech from Oberlin Conservatory
— Recording, editing, mixing, etc
— Composition, SFX creation, audio programming
— Lifelong gamer!


This is for people who want to help in the less glamorous ways, like internationalization, testing, website coordination, documentation, fundraising, morale, kissing ass, coddling divas :)


Code- QA/ Testing
Name - Jessica
Reddit Username - DevilPliers
Over 2 years all together, but I started in 2005. Now I work with an
ISP, but I really miss working on games, and would love to help as a
side project. I only left testing because I only ever worked
contracts, and wanted something more stable with benefits.
I've worked with developers and publishers, and mostly on games. Most
of that time was on video games, but about 2 months of it was spent
working on board and card games, with the only objective being to make
them more fun. I don't know much code, but I'm a pretty fast
learner. I learned how to do everything I know about SQL queries in
two days. I rarely understand what the code is talking about, but I
can follow directions and get the parts asked for into the bug. A few
jobs also explained to me how to use the console within the game, and
I always enjoy putting all the tools available to use.
I know it's early, but you'll need testers eventually. I've been part
of reddit for awhile, and I think it would be really fun to
participate in something with the community there.
What I can contribute:
I'm a hard worker, and I just like getting stuff done. Seeing a nice
end result is always fun too. I take a lot of pride in taking care of
my responsibilities, so it's very unlikely that I would flake out or
become unresponsive.. as I imagine some people will during the time it
can take to make a game. I also just want to participate to help the
project, I don't really care what the game is about.
That said, I also don't have a lot of time I can always spend on extra
projects, but I will always have at least 5-10 hours a week to spare.
Currently I actually have much more, but this isn't always the case.

Matt Oliver

Position: Project Management, French / Italian Translator
Name: Matt Oliver
Reddit Username: olym
Education: Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and French with a minor in
English (May '10)
- Organize(d) social events for SGA at my university.
- Able to manage multiple, difficult tasks easily.
- Am fluent in French and Italian and have 10+ years of experience
using them.
- I work well with deadlines / under pressure.
- I thrive in a team environment.
I would love to be a part of this project. I've lurked for a year and
a half now, but when I noticed the subreddit I had to join.


Name: Jordan Applewhite
I'm the jerk who's making a big push for organizing/formalizing documents like this:)

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