Code Needs Meeting - 6DEC09

On December 6th we had a quick meeting to start fleshing out some of the engineering needs.

At the bottom of this page can be found the summarized results of the meeting.

Meeting log can be found at

  • Present in IRC:
    • @pwniumcobalt
    • dbar`
    • Jordanlw
    • RMAGlogbot
    • svenstaro
    • @RobotCaleb
    • fi
    • jozzas
    • SAHChandler
    • Trentish
    • Associat0r
    • FunnyMan4595
    • laz0r
    • shoPanda
    • beedee
    • GunpowderTea
    • logBase2_
    • Sigma7
    • cozmic_
    • iamkitchen
    • Mad_Gouki
    • skrike

Code Needs Overview

  • Task and issue tracking solution
    • Decide what our requirements are
    • Investigate potential solutions
    • Discuss if our needs are met
    • Decide on a solution
      • Candidates
        • Trac
        • Redmine
        • github
        • Others?
  • Official code branch and platform maintainers
    • Several maintainers. Collaborators assigned on github
    • New repo setup that is the official branch
    • Need dedicated maintainers of each target platform
      • Must make sure that the game still works on their platform
    • Collaborators assigned
      • How do we determine collaborators?
      • Need platform maintainers selected from the collaborators
  • Code integration approval process
    • Task driven. No task, no integrate
    • Task assignment methods
      • Pool of tasks that an engineer can choose work from
        • Engineers are assigned tasks based on priority
        • Engineers can choose from a pool or are assigned high priority tasks
        • Engine design
  • Need someone who's done real engine design work to assist with engine design
    • chrisf, maybe
    • Others out there?
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